The studio is in a period of explosive growth and strives to expand in its field. Studio employees are a cornerstone in this purpose. We are always looking for unique individuals who have mastered their craft and will be able to bring innovations to the studio. If you think that you are the right fit for the studio in any field or profession, do not hesitate to email us your work and write about yourself.

We are not considering the spoken language, ethnicity, gender, and academic diploma while hiring an employee. The professional competence and human qualities of an employee are the most important criteria for us. We are interested in hardworking and enthusiastic professionals who want to build a career in their chosen profession.

Current vacancies

2D/3D Motion Designer
Graphic Designer
3D Visualizer

Don’t see a perfect fit position? We’d still love to hear from you through email. If your interests match a future position with us, we will be in touch.

Internship enrollment

The studio is a creative workplace. Here, each expert shares their skills with others. We believe that every profession lives by this principle. Therefore, the studio plans to open internships for young people. Find out more about the internship enrollment here.

Next enrollment: 01.12.2021 - 28.02.2022

Participants: 8